gipproGP6 SE
gipproNeo Max
gipproNeo Plus

gippro Tank

Rechargeable Disposable

3000 puffs.

gippro Bling Bling

Disposable E-cigarette

Shine a light for love.
The whole body glows. Color changes with the breath. Larger puffs, longer battery life. Beyond excellence.

gippro GP6 SE

Rechargebale E-cigarette

Five fresh finishes.
As bold as you are!

gippro Neo Max

Rechargebale E-cigarette

Fantastic All-rounder.
Adopting the latest technology.
Bigger Clouds. Up to 3000 puffs.

gippro Neo Plus

Disposable E-cigarette

Larger e-liquid capacity, long-lasting enjoyment. More battery capacity, longer battery life.

gippro Neo

Disposable E-cigarette

Two options of inhaling create more fun. Using a filter, to achieve a better taste.